The Deficiency of General Medicine Practitioners in Davenport, FL Area

Recent studies have shown that students of medicines are least likely to opt for general medicine as their career. Only 2% of the respondents in the survey claimed that they would be willing to further their profession in internal medicine. Listings showed approximately 100 doctors working in Davenport, FL area. Being the largest city in the Scott County with a population of more than a 100,000 residents, it can be seen that general medicine doctors which would be a fraction of the total, are severely deficient for the care of patients in Davenport, FL area.

As students of medicine go for more profitable and exciting fields of medicine, general medicine is suffering throughout the country. General or Internal medicine includes care for numerous diseases rather than specialized ones. A patient may visit a general practitioner to receive treatment for cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, neurological, hematological and Endocrinological conditions. General medicine practitioners may en have their own personal preferences within the field of internal medicine. A doctor may be more adept at treating cardiovascular conditions and may not provide treatment for digestive problems. Although they are qualified to provide you treatment for a broad spectrum of conditions, it is commonly found that general practitioners tend to carve out a niche market for themselves.

Patients with severe medical conditions may refer to a general medicine practitioner who will be able to perform a series of tests. These tests may reveal problems that can be solved with more complex treatments by specialized doctors. General practitioners are very important in the medical society for the treatment and identification of diseases which may not seem threatening at first.

It is estimated that USA will face a deficit of 20,000 general medicine practitioners by the year 2020. Reasons behind this deficit were found to be student’s lack of enthusiasm for the work required in the field of internal medicine, especially the bulky paperwork. General medicine is also one of the lowest paid fields when it comes to medical specialties. Considering these factors, the decisions of students seem natural. Nevertheless, these factors have contributed to problems which may only inflate in the future. With less than a 100 practitioners, each with their own niche, it seems that the Davenport, FL area will bear a heavy burden in the coming years if the situation is not rectified. Current medical graduates continue to opt for more profitable field while general medicine remains neglected.

The current student loan situation doesn’t help the matter either. As students find themselves engulfed with debt immediately after graduation they look for the most profitable fields which will help them shed their debt quickly. The student loan factor however still falls secondary to factor contributing to quality of life. General medicine simply does not offer the same freedom that other field of medicine do. With large amounts of paperwork, low income and rigid hours, students go for specializations that would allow them to open clinics where they set their own hours.
There is an urgent need to change the view that student have when I come to general medicine. This can only be done by drastic changes in the factors which are considered drawbacks such as an increase in income levels and more flexible hours.

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